Join us on what could be the most fantastic balloon ride in the world. Experience ultimate freedom from a balloon over the Dutch tulip fields. At only an hour’s drive from Amsterdam. The wonderful historical region in the Netherlands with its famous windmills, the historic land reclamation and the lake district.

Experience the unique Dutch landscape

What could be more magnificent than viewing the painting of flowering tulip fields from the air?

In collaboration with the tulip festival organisers, you can now take this unique opportunity of making a balloon ride over the flowering tulip fields from the Tulip Experience Field in Creil. A balloon ride is a fantastic experience anyway, throughout the year. However, a balloon ride over the flowering tulip fields is a very unique and exclusive experience, even in the Netherlands, because the tulip only flower two to three weeks.

During this spectacular and breathtaking balloon ride, you will be able to peacefully enjoy the beauty of the tulip fields. You’ll feel as free as a bird and this unique ride allows you to explore the region with its wonderful colour explosion of the tulips below your feet.

If you’re thinking of giving someone a unique balloon ride as a present, giving someone a wonderful surprise or your business clients a highly impressive experience, don’t let this opportunity slip away. Because of the short period, only a limited number of tickets will be available.

Dress advice

Ballooning is an outdoor activity. A balloon travels with the wind, so there will be no headwind. The burner emits the necessary heat, which makes it feel slightly warmer up there compared to down on the ground but otherwise, there is little to no difference in terms of temperature.

Advice: wear comfortable clothing as if you are going for a walk and bring a jumper or a coat, just to be sure. As for shoes, no heels. Instead, wear (waterproof) sports or hiking shoes. The grass from which we take off and on which we land may be wet.



Tulip balloon flight information

Balloon rides will be held in the evening. Guests must assemble at the departure site around six o’clock.

The full programme of the balloon ride takes about 3.5 hours, about one hour of which is spent in the air.

The balloon flights are planned from mid-April to mid-May (depending on the bloom of the tulips and the weather).

Mail, call or Whatsapp for bookings and / or more information.